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a look back

here are a few highlights from 2009

january. sold my highlander so abruptly i was left standing in a parking lot and had to call my dad for a ride, was carless for a month, first meeting for the south aftrica trip, roommate jen starts moving out of whittier house, LOST gatherings, snow day

february. worst yet most affordable hair cut of my life, most expensive attempt to repair bad hair cut-cut, wedding showers, jenn's wedding, alvin ailey dancers, cleaned out my #2 brother's car for his birthday present...gag

march. natalie's birthday, weekly ritual of jason's deli with meredith, visit from the levys, lots of buyers out lookin', spring forward, westside friends' birthdays

april. three hour lecture on the history of fondue, disturbing grown up bibs, the W hotel's amazing city view at night, engagement party, two surprise birthday parties, south africa prom dress fund raiser,emily's renovation & the tile store on miami circle

may. natalie's graduation from nursing school & a totally inappropriate cake, four baby showers, one wedding shower, KW home make over day at Miss Justina's, sister in law's birthday, amazing week trip to orlando to see my dear friends sandy & kelly

june. luncheons, weddings, engagement party for sarah and adam, axo dinner girls, shower for rachel and jesse, cathy ray comes to town

july. the beach, the lake, rachel's bachelorette weekend in savannah, moving out of whittier place to storage and my other brother's birthday

august. rachel's wedding, sarah's shower, annual parker family beach trip, first visit to winston salem, raleigh for sarah and adams wedding, michael jackson's funeral, mom, sister and hannah's birthdays celebrated together, moved out of whittier, homeless for a month but thank you wendy, teacheys, huies

september. moved, dad's birthday, first family dinner, football season, learned how to use a blower for the yard, only flew my ga flag once in ga tech country

october. date with dad to the high museum, night out with emily, st. simons trip canceled, diabetes walk that i missed, our first dinner party, lucy pittman starts her proton treatment, hanging out with jack pittman, U2, halloween, ga/florida, silent retreat weekend, youngest brother's birthday

november. nathan and nicole's annual fall party, first neighborhood association meeting, thanksgiving with the lyons clan, ga wins over ga tech woo hoo! tree up the day after thanksgiving

december. summerhill gift wishes project with kw, online shopping, two christmases, cookie parties, client parties, visits with uncle mac & family, sandy comes to town


bringing the world of people and food together

There are two thoughts that I was reminded of the other day that I really want to take into the new year. One:  Preach the gospel to myself everyday. I know that I have gospel amnesia. I wake up and act like I've never heard it before. It's so true. Two: The love of Christ compells us (me). It is not that my love for Christ compells me, but the love of Christ itself. There is a huge difference and I know it takes a life time to understand.

A great start to the new year was had by all at Your Dekalb Farmer's Market on the 1st of January. SO much better than Whole Foods in Buckhead. What could be better than an excited crowd of people from all over the world in a large 60 degree warehouse, lots of draped fabrics, turbans (Caroline Pittman) and the scent of old fish, but yet a good welcome home old-fish sort of smell. Or is that only what people say who have lived abroad in non-Westernized countries and come to love them?

Among my purchases: some Dutch cow's milk cheese, Spanish wine and of course, Kenyan coffee.


let's start at the very beginning

I've been told that I should write for over a decade. It's not that throngs of people have suggested it, just two. But, they are two very significant people who also know me well. I'm turning over a new leaf in 2010 and am already behind by one day. Just setting up a blog is in itself a time consuming task. I'm really glad that's over.