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My brother and his wife are off for a three year expedition to The University of Durham about two hours NE of London.  Nathan will get his PhD in theology and will be studying the life and ministry of Puritan John Flavel who wrote an incredible book entitled, "Keeping The Heart". As we helped them clean and box up their home I saw a quote which was printed over the door from his study, "Oh my heart, where hast thou gone this day, and what has engaged thy thoughts?"  The heart truly is the wellspring from which every other thing flows. How revealing just one day would be to keep this on the forefront of the mind. So much to notice about my heart's condition and my need to be saved from even my own thoughts. I can't produce within myself a change. This takes me back to Jesus, and I do know that THAT is a good thing.

White or black...

...when it comes to kitchen cabinetry & countertop combinations?

Schoen: A House in the Hamptons traditional kitchen
Any thoughts?