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what color IS my parachute?

If you're not familiar with this book, 9 million other people are, so I'm not sure where you and I have been hiding out. I have tried to read this practical manual for job hunters and career changers, but I'm still hunting and changing. It's a very large book of complex exercises with confusing diagrams, calculations to compile and a giant flower in the middle with lots of petals that are all supposed to represent different things. The drawing used to be a parachute but they changed the design as the book has been reprinted almost every year since 1970.

I still don't have any answers as to what color my parachute is, but after radio silence on the blog for a month, figured it was time to say something. I've been doing a whole lot of thinking about what I like, how I spend my free time, what bogs me down (taxes and recipes with more than 5 ingredients for example...) what energizes and puts an instant smile on my face and creates a higher pitch to my voice. My good friends have always told me that I talk with a higher pitch when I'm talking about something exciting or something that I love, so I figure that's a good place to start. Then last night I had dinner with some friends who told me about a NY Times article they had just read. I loved it! I couldn't agree more with this woman's thinking. "Your receptacles are the death of you", and on baby toys that people keep just "in case" someone comes over with a small child she says, "you're not running a day care center here". Ha Ha. So true Barbara. She might have been a little bit harsh in some areas, but in general she is freeing people's minds by helping them to declutter. I'm all for it. I want this job! 

Then, I came home and through a series of random You Tube searches--dangerous-- found myself mesmerized for several hours at the behind the scenes production details of the recent movie, "Black Swan". I want this job too!  Is it so crazy to think that I could go back to school for this kind of work? It sounds crazy to me. But even watching the videos makes my thoughts high pitched. There is something here for me to continue to explore.