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white isn't so nice

I am regularly showing homes that have white, laminate countertops. The granite solution will cost you around $3-4K depending on the color and style. This is a pretty neat idea for a do it yourselfer project that a friend and seller client turned me on to. Thanks Alexis!



If you go the Lowe's or Home Depot route, the kit is $250.

Here's the list of materials where the total do it yourself cost is $35! Not bad.

Kelli's DIY Countertop

Can of Spray Paint, $3

Can of Rust-Oleum Stone Effects Spray Paint $8

High Gloss Floor Finish for Stone $13

Drop Cloth $2

Painters Tape $2

Sandpaper $3

Foam Roller $4

Step by step instructions here.
Compliments of Kelli Brewer. Nice way to start off the week.