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What is this blog all about?

I have been wrestling with my purpose for having a blog, and also have struggled to find a theme for it. I have come to realize that it is all over the place, because so am I! I have no idea what I want it to be about. I can't commit to one topic, area of interest, or category of thought. I had an incredible weekend with seven other women from my church up in Highlands, N.C. to participate in something called a Story Retreat. More here. When I woke up at home on Monday morning I felt like I had been in a fantastic dream all weekend. It was an incredible time of feasting on stories from all of our lives, but more importantly going back to The Story, The Bible, starting in Genesis, to be reminded of who we are and what we were created for originally when the world began. As a result of this weekend I have found peace with the reality of not having a neat and tidy blog, or really a neat and tidy life, for that matter. I am beginning to truly want rest in the midst of chaos and uncertainty and to find it regardless of the barrage of messages all around telling me that life has to work a certain way. It IS working a certain way and that way is God's story of grace, written in me.


A scrap of paper

I am having one of those clean off the desk days. Even though I try to keep organized and put everything into one notebook, I still find really good nuggets written on a torn off piece of paper, the hot sleeve around a coffee cup from Starbucks, the flap off of a cardboard box, etc. saving these things for months. Here is one that I wrote down:

"Fear of man corresponds to our lack of trust in God. It is one, or the other. Using others for approval is an unhealthy desire. Trusting in God gives us a healthy love for others and pushes us out. "

Then I wrote this:

I Cor 1- In Him, Christ, it was always "Yes!" All of the promises of God. Not sure what I meant there, but I'm going to read Corinthians tonight and then I'll let you know.